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From: Lacy White
Subject: Force Fed (Gay-Young Friends)Force Fed
DISCLAIMER: This is a fantasy depicting homosexual acts involving young men
and boys. The story is intended preteen pic non for adult readers and not minors. IF YOU
OFFENSIVE, PLEASE LEAVE. All characters are fictional and in no way related
to any person or persons living or deceased.
This all occurred when I was about 14 and in Junior HIgh. The result was
high school years filled with please and excitement I had never anticipated.
In gym classes we had to shower and I was always self conscious became I did
not have as much "equipment" as a lot of the other boys I saw in the gang
showers after class. It always bother me a bit but I never seemed all that
attracted to boys either. Just a bit of dick envy that often came to mind
while I was jerking off at home. At 14 I jerked off a lot as most guys asia preteen girls
age tend to, Most of my fantasies involved hot chick in lingerie like
Victoria's Secret stuff. I always had some stash of that material. When the
Sears and JC Penney catalogs came I usually took a razor blade and sliced
out the bra and panty pages for my collections.Not sure if mom ever noticed that.
Believe it or not at 14 I still sucked my thumb having never stopped is the
beginning and always finding it to be stress relieving and pleasurable to
suck my thumb and sometimes hold a soft satin blanket edge against my face.
After I discovered some of my older sisters nylon panties in the hamper I
replaced the blanket with their new silky softness. I would usually snag a
pair from her dresser and use them, masturbate with them, caress them preteen models hotties under
my pillow going to sleep and them drop them in the hamper when I was
finished. I always rinsed the come out first so no one would know. I even
put the panties on a few times and wore them to school but all of that is
really another story.
That was all in the future. Back to the beginning.
My best friend , Bob lived a few houses away. He was 16 and in high school
but we hung out a lot just horsing around or playing pool at his house or
finding something to fix in the garage. Just plain old normal teen guy
stuff. One afternoon I discovered something else I started to get interested
Bob and I were in the kitchen downing a couple of bottles of pop when the
family dog, Flower, came in to check us out. "Watch this." said Bob and
proceeded to drop his pants and his jockey shorts. He sat back down with his
dick in his hand and preteen bbs message offered it to Flower who began licking Bob's cock at a
busy pace."Cool?, Isn't it?" Bob said. "She will lick it all afternoon if I let her."
I was stunned. Bob was showing me his dick and letting his dog lick it for
him. My eyes seem to more focused on skinny preteen naked his dick than what the dog did to it.
It got fully hard and was way bigger and much thicker than mine ever was. He
was cut like me and such a pretty pink color was the head and a pale trailer preteen fuck
shaft. I found it hard to not keep looking but If he figured I was watching
the dog I guess it was safe.
"You want to try it?" He asked.
I was not sure then if he meant trying meaning having the dog lick my dick
or preteen nude poses if it meant licking his dick like the dog was. Either way being self
conscious about my undersized gear I said no thanks. He pulled his pants
back up and we went to do other stuff. Weird.
The following week on a Friday Bob asked if I wanted to stay overnight and I
said it was OK with me. After some TV and playing pool we got his dad to
take us out for pizza and then we hit the sack. preteen nude poses Being typical teenage boys
we both commented on most often having woodies when we went to be and when
we got up in the morning. We got into a conversion about jerking off and
shooting cum and talked about some of the hot girls at the town pool that
"You want to jerk off now? Bob questioned. preteen slut pic While cams preteen nn hesitant I preteen pic non
was horny and we
both started yanking our cocks under the covers. Soon the covers were down
and we looked at each other pulling our dicks and rubbing our nuts and
stuff. While I played with my 4 inter I could not take my eyes off of the
monster beside me. It looked even better than in the kitchen. 5.5 to 6
inches longs and thicker than a quarter. Straight, cut and a little veined.
A perfect specimen of cock meat if I ever saw one. Oh how real porno preteen I wanted to reach
over and touch it but then queer was really bad. No one would admit that
even if they were sure of it.
The he asked if I wanted to touch it. That was somewhat different."Come on
give it a try. It feel good when someone else touched your cock. Do it. Feel
mine and I will feel yours he told me.
Bob let go of that gorgeous prick and reached out for mine so i grabbed on
to this. I thought that I might explode with excitement. I never thought
that feeling another guys junk would be thrilling. I touched it lightly at
first exploring the firmness and the shape for the entire length before
wrapping my hand around to give it some strokes. Apparently my enjoyment was
obvious to Bob.
"You like it don't you? You like having a big cock in your hand! Better to
hold on to than yours? It's ok yours will grow I guess and it is really hard
and smooth."
He was right . I just discovered that I loved a big cock in my hand. This
continued for a little while and then he let go of mine and asked me to
finish him off. "Make me cum dude. Stroke it faster. I need to shoot".
Shoot he did. A huge load. Some to his belly and a lot to my hand.
"Finish yourself off now. Use my cum for lube". I furiously pumped and out
came a big load for me too. I asked if he had tissues and he suggested the
bathroom off of his bedroom so I went in and cleaned the cum, his and mine,
from my hand and stomach,
"I think I am ready to sleep now" I told Bob. We went to bed both naked even
though it seemed very weird at the time.
In the middle of the night I felt some movement and real porno preteen
soon realized that Bob
was starting to straddle me. He was centered above my chest and his knees
were against my side. I was kind of affrays to open my eyes wondering what
was happening. I found out soon enough as I felt him rubbing his hard cock
back and forth over my cheek. He then dragged it across my nose to the other
cheek. I made like I was just waking up opening my eyes and saying "what the
heck are you doing?"
"I am going to feed you my cock man. I think you really want skinny preteen naked to taste it
since you liked stroking it so much."
I tried to resist and move my head away but he kept m=rubbing my cheek with
it and saying how soft my face was on his hard dick. He moved the head
closer to my lips and I tried to turn away to the other side so he ending up
dragging a large drool of precum across my rape porn preteen
lips as I turned. Now rubbing the
other side he asked." Isn't that sweet stuff? Super slippery too. Do you taste that when you
jerk off? I bet you do. Just try a little taste, a lick, that's all"
As i turned my head to say No he leaned forward just as the cock head and my
lips were in alignment and he pushed the head inside. My first taste of real
cock. His groin had me pinned to the pillow with nowhere for his hard meat
to go but into my mouth and to the back of my throat. I could hardly breath
and was starting to gag so he pulled back a bit but not so far as I could
get free thumb preteen his prick from between my lips.
"Just work your tongue around it for awhile and then I will let you up".
I had no choice so I circled the spongy head few times and got more of his
slippery sauce to come out. Strange part was that I was liking this. The pre
cum was silky like and had a slightly sweet taste. Not offensive at all.
Tasty a bit to be truthful.
"See. You like it don't you?" Bob questioned. I did. Amazingly I really was
kind of thrilled with the feeling of my mouth being stuffed. His cock was so
hard, like an iron bar, but so taut that the surface was glass like. This
was getting exciting.
"More?" I was asked and I just relaxed my lip grip and let him slide more
in. I tighten my lips and he let me continue without forcing himself any
deeper. I gave his prick a great going over for awhile then open my mouth to
a relaxed state and started bobbing to and fro up and down the thick shaft.
I think my own dick was as hard as even and my nipples where as hard a
He knelt back of a moment to let me rest and all I could do was stare up and
that gorgeous meat bat bouncing up and down. Bon leaned forward again
depositing his balls right on my lips and asking me to suck his nuts a
little. I am glad his sack was not hairy. I am not a hair fan model preteen ukraine at all and I
let my tongue and lips work over his balls nicely. I released them soon as I
was not semi addicted to having my mouth stuffed and lapping down precum. I
let him kind of fuck my face for a bit and then I went back to very actively
sucking his cock with passion and pleasure.
I felt his cock start to swell and at the last moment he pulled it out! The
first shot hit me right under the nose and number 2 the side of my face. I
don't know why but at that moment ukraine preteens gallery my hans, which has not been involved up to
now, reached up to his spurting tool and stuck his dick back in my mouth. I
got 3, 4, and 5 on the roof of my mouth and my tongue. I yanked on that
thick monster and literally sucked out anything that was left. I lapped at
the head, sucking up and down even more before letting it pop out.
Bob was almost ready to pass out. His eyes were closed and it was like a
dream state. "Oh my gosh! That was unbelievable! Your mouth is magic. Are
you OK? Still friends? Sorry I forced it on you man!"
"Chill was all I said at first. I was mad at first but it actually was very
cool from my side. Never would have thought giving a blowjob would be fun
like that."
"Really? It was really good?"
"Sure was. Maybe you should try it the next time."
"Oh, so you want a next time? I am pretty sure my dick would like that."
"Maybe we should work out something reciprocal but I could go for it again."
"Let's get back to sleep. I feel completely drained."Bob suggested.
"well based on how much come I just swallowed and is on my face i bet you
are drained. Good night.and were is you jerk off cloth?"
He reached under the edge of the mattress and dragged out a nylon slip for
me to clean up with. It felt so good against my face that I wrapped it
around my still stiff dick and quietly stroked myself off into it being
falling back to sleep. Wow that nonnude models preteen
material felt great on my cock and balls.
Think I need to raid mom or sis's clothing stashes and get me a come rag
like this.
That was the forced feeding that led me to enjoy cocksucking for years to
come. Still do.That come rag led to other thrills real porno preteen as well. More in the future.
Comments, Suggestions, Links to my other stories?

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